Recruitment Services

Novahale Recruitment Services offers a comprehensive solution to construction companies of all sizes.


We offer a comprehensive range of plasterboards that are essential for interior construction and finishing.

Hard Materials

Novahale provides a wide range of hard materials needed for construction projects.


We provide a comprehensive range of high-quality timber products for various construction purposes.

Concrete Bricks

Novahale offers a diverse range of concrete bricks that are known for their strength and durability

Concrete Blocks

Our selection of concrete blocks is designed to provide sturdy and reliable solutions for construction projects


At Novahale, we offer a variety of sands to cater to different construction requirements. 

Black Cement

Our black cement is a versatile product used in various construction applications.

White Cement

Novahale supplies premium white cement, which is widely used for architectural and decorative purposes.

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At Novahale, we pride ourselves on being a premier provider of high-quality building materials and finishing tools for construction projects of all sizes.


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